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Bougainvillea Studio by D-Sign ( Christchurch, New Zealand)

37/3 WASHBURN'S ROAD, WIGRAM, CHRISTCHURCH 8042 (by appointment)

Bougainvillea Studio by D-Sign is Shreeni J's new interior home studio.  Shreeni is a reputable interior designer and a home stager who has run her interior design business for over 6 years. This is also where you can meet Shreeni J for interior design consultation (by appointment). At the studio, we sell Jolie paint and conduct furniture painting workshops. Soon we will introduce a retail element. We are here to beautify the world.

Interior Design

"Touched by D-Sign " Home Interior Design and Hospitality Spaces

Shreeni's amazing projects create those spaces that have the 'wow' factor and the practicality. Shreeni has some talent when it comes to decorating spaces and she believes that the space is talking to her. (seriously). Shreeni comes out with than perfect blend of colour, design, texture, taste, concept and mood to make that connection between the human and his space. Dilan De Silva is a seasoned Hotel General Manager who supports Shreeni with the practical elements of the hospitality spaces.

Redesign to Realign

Shreeni is the founder of Re-design to Re-align concept. We are natures beings and our dwelling are similar to other natures beings. With development and advanced engineering, we have at times become disengaged with our natural sources and natural elements. The dwellings of other earthly creatures remain the same. This disengagement and the lack of alignment to nature and its elements causes stress, relationship issues, health issues, wealth issues and it negatively affects the overall wellbeing of the home occupiers. Shreeni works on drawing the elements of nature by re-designing, re-arranging and re-vitalising your spaces while maintaining trend, style and the feeling of homeliness. Shreeni re-aligns your house to its magnetic, natural and spiritual elements to bring in that positive energy. A house becomes a home based on what and who is in it.

Home Staging, Consultation & Furniture Hire 

At D-Sign home staging and interior design, Christchurch, we re-invent spaces to create excitement and present a style to remember. We stage and interior design Christchurch homes and our concepts are tailor-made to bring out the best in each individual property. Our services are designed to meet the needs of real estate agents, property developers, landlords and private vendors and individual homeowners. Our design options bring tasteful solutions, panache and savvy to each project and promote the best and fastest possible outcome. Our services include furniture, décor and accessory rental. delivery, arrangement and removal, Staging, Styling and interior decor.

Shreeni and the Styling Team offers a progressive menu of concepts ensuring that we create stylish and eye-catching show home interiors time and time again. Our company provides bespoke show home furnishing packages and a sophisticated level of interior design. At D-Sign we have styled and interior designed a vast array of properties from luxury hotels to studio apartments. We take pride in our attention to detail, exceptional taste and unique display pieces.

"Beautify My World" - Furniture Upcycling

This is our way of saving the world. We conduct workshops on how to give life and trendiness to your old piece of furniture and save a tree and the planet. Shreeni is the licenced sales agent for JOLIE PAINT (USA). A fantastic and easy to apply chalk-based paint with an amazing collection of colours and tools. Shreeni conducts painting workshops at her studio in Christchurch to teach people on how to upcycle their favourite piece of furniture.

Hero Image

Shreeni J- D-Sign's Lead Stylist and Founder who is still managing the Christchurch area and is personally supervising all jobs. Shreeni is the creative flair and the brainchild behind the brand and works with a team of creative stylists and interior d-signer to bring about a unique outcome for every single styling and interior d-sign job. Our endeavour is to do better each and every-time and at each and every assignment. Shreeni is an artist, furniture up-cycler, interior d-signer and has all the magic to do with creating spaces.

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