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D-Sign to Beautify the Project 'Thank you'

This is a non-profit project initiated and co- ordinated by Shreeni J and her team of stylists at D-Sign Interiors. We need your help to beautify the world and it can start with one person or one family who cannot afford to do it themselves. This is just a simple step to a greater vision of beautifying the world through the homes we live in.




We all have a greater purpose in life. Ours is to beauty the word we live in by allowing people to live in a home they enjoy or to sell their home to achieve their next stage in life.

Everyone deserves to achieve what they want.

We all deserve to live in a beautiful home.



Help people who cannot afford to live in a beautifully styled home.

Help people who want to sell their home for a greater cause.



Once a quarter the team will identify a person/family who deserves their home brought up-to date in interior design. We will identify a person or family who deserves it the best. The D-Sign team will find out their ultimate requirement whether it is to live in the house or to sell it for a greater cause. The team will style the house and project manage its styling and interior design project with the support of like-minded people.


To Live In - The D-sign team who will be led by Shreeni J – the Interior Designer along with an army of volunteers will do what is possible to bring the house up to-date. We will paint, touch up the gardens and update the furniture. The team may up cycle some furniture pieces. We will accept donations from anyone who don't need furniture if it suits the house we are styling. We will accept donations of paints, plants etc and everyone can join in.


To Sell : If someone wants to sell the house for a greater cause and cannot afford to bring it up to date for selling – this is where we will help. We will stage and style the house to show-case its best potential and to get the price where the house owner is looking from. This could support in their valuable chapter in life. We will also do our best to involve a real estate agent/company to sell your house and to let you achieve a great sale.



Location : We will be starting the process in Christchurch City


Styling plan Year 1: We style a house per quarter.


Quarter 1 - April to June 2018 – Applications will close on 31st May and the house will be styled in June 2018


Quarter 2 - July to Sept 2018 – Applications will close on 31st August and the house will be styled in September 2018


Quarter 3 - Oct to Dec 2018 - Applications will close on 30th November and the house will be styled in December 2018


Quarter 4 - Jan to March 2019 - Applications will close on 28th February 2019 and the house will be styled in March 2019


Application Process – A form is attached which I can make it available online - someone can nominate a person too. A team of stylists will choose the most suitable applicant who deserves it the most in the quarter.


For the Styling and Decoration - We need your help in hand and resources




The D-Sign styling team will assess the selected house and develop a plan on what needs doing. This will be posted on your facebook page -D-Sign to Beautify the Word (need to open one linked to D-Sign Home Staging Page)


We will need help


We will need your help to identify who deserves it. Please recommend and complete the application for on his/her behalf and advocate for the person/family who you think really deserves it. The applicant will need to own their home in some form so that one can sell or live in it for the longer term.


Team of Volunteers - For a 3 day implementation project 


  • We need hands to help tidy up the gardens, paint and clean the house
  • We need your help to up-cycle furniture and your artists skills and upholstery skills will come in handy
  • We need your skills for flooring, plumbing and painting
  • Any other requirements after assessing the house
  • We will need your gardening skills


Furniture, Accessories and Decor Pieces

We may need your furniture, accessories and decor pieces.


Storage Space

We may need your storage space and your help to store the required furniture until the actual job.


Hardware/Paint Etc/ Plants/ Landscaping material

We may need a list of things to get the job done. If you can help us in anyway, please contact us.


We have the furniture trucks. We may need some fuel to do the job and some responsible drivers. We may need some help in transporting landscaping material and may need to borrow your trailer.


Tools and Machinery

We may need your help with the tools, machinery and the operating expertise.


Health and Safety

We may need your health and safety project management skills, site safety plan and the management expertise.


Professional Expertise

We may need your professional skills in planning, landscaping, legal, architecture and engineering.


A Feed

The team of volunteers may need a feed on the days of work.




Register your possible donations, voluntary skills set and intentions - email to ( D-sign to Beautify the World - Project Co-Ordinator) - we need to get a template done so that they can mention what they offer and the relevant quals and credentials. Then we choose based on whats required.