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Winter 2019 Promotion - 8 weeks of styling for the price of 4 weeks 

For orders conducted before the Easter Holidays, we leave the stock for 8 weeks for the price of 4 weeks. Valid until 10th August 2019

Home Staging & Styling Package 

Is it an empty house?

Most home buyers 'judge the book by the cover'. Most buyers can't visualise the homeliness in an empty home and see where their furniture pieces will fit in. The quality of your listing  photographs will interest more people in physically viewing your property. Home styling  improves your home's presentation to achieve a premium sale price. The complete styling package Include: arrangements, rugs, floor lamps, accessories, console tables, flowers , decor pieces, dining table and chairs, beds, luxury bed linen, side cabinets, lamps shades, throw-ins etc, transport, fire and theft insurance, staging, presentation and removal.

Partial Home Staging and Styling

Does the house have some furniture but still need the finer things to give it the look?

You may have the furniture but you may still miss out on the finer things and the  professional styling touch. The house you live in is not sale-ready until you re-present it with the buyer in mind. We can partially stage, style and improve your home's presentation for sale by using your existing furniture while adding some of our soft furnishings, throw-ins & décor pieces. We can partly style both occupied and unoccupied homes.

Enquire for a price.

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Here is SOMETHING NEW. This is an opportunity for your clients to save a bit of coin on home staging yet present their home to its best sale potential.

$225.00 ( including gst) (Usually $300) - We will visit your clients and advise them on how to stage and re-present their home to its best sale potential.  (Within Christchurch city and transport charges apply for travel outside Christchurch. Time allocation 30 mts)

$105.00 ( including gst) (usually $140) . This package will offer your clients DIY home staging advise. We will use videos and photographs to asses the space and give them DIY styling advise. 

Your clients may have the skills and the know how to style their own home. They can even take the DIY staging packages and do it themselves to save some coin. We can rent them the furniture, delver them and pick them up after the sale. 

4 bedroom and 2 living room package for 4 weeks hrs
$750.00 (including gst) (usually $1000.00)

4 bedroom and 1 living room package for 4 weeks hrs
$712.50 (including gst) (usually $950.00)

3 bedroom and 1 living room package for 4 weeks hrs
$712.50 (including gst) (usually $900.00)

2 bedroom and 1 living room package for 4 weeks hrs
$637.50 (including gst) (usually $850.00)

Extra room, study or rumpus $56.25 (including gst) usually $75.00)

Pick up and drop off, 2 men and a truck, 4 ,bedroom packages, single trip $250.00 (including gst)

Pick up and drop off, 2 men and a truck, 2 & 3 ,bedroom , single trip $ 200.00 (including gst)


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