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Furniture Painting Workshops

LERN TO PAINT & SAVE THE PLANET | Saving a tree and saving the world can start with salvaging and giving a new life to an old piece of furniture. All you need is the know-how. Learn and explore the techniques and all things furniture re-designing from basic to advance techniques by joining our classes and workshops.

This amazing skill of painting furniture is going to be great fun for you and your friends. It’s like a moment of meditation; a moment with yourself, peace and quiet. It is a technique of living in the moment.

WORKSHOP WITH ARTISAN PAINTS We are really looking forward to having you join us and going through the amazing Artisan Chalk Paint system and the wide creative scope it provides when it comes to decorative painting and transforming your interior space.

We ask that you allow 3 to 3..5 hours for the workshop. We conduct a workshop at-lease twice a month.

WORKSHOPS WILL COMMENCE SOON SO register at shreeni@d-sign.nz

Location: 95 Main South Road (There is plenty of reserved parking and street parking within the area.)

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We can give a new life to your old piece of furniture. If it's special why not save it. Ask the team for a quote and discuss the style you require. Charges $85.00 + GST per hour + cost of products.

A Dollar to Save a Tree
From every Country Style or recycled piece of furniture we sell, we contribute $1.00 towards planting trees.