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Re-Design to Re-Align


Shreeni is the founder of Re-design to Re-align concept. We are natures beings and our dwellings are similar to other natures beings. With development and advanced engineering, we have at times become disengaged with our natural sources and natural elements. The dwellings of other earthly creatures remain the same. This disengagement and the lack of alignment to nature and its elements causes stress, relationship issues, health issues, wealth issues and it negatively affects the overall wellbeing of the home occupiers.

Shreeni works on drawing the elements of nature by re-designing, re-arranging and re-vitalising your spaces while maintaining trend, style and the feeling of homeliness. Shreeni's interior design definitely gives you the wow factor. However the team get the home occupiers highly engaged in the design process as it the occupiers who will live in the space and be impacted by the space. Shreeni re-aligns your house to its magnetic, natural and spiritual elements to bring in that positive energy. A house becomes a home based on what and who is in it. Alignment beings in the overall wellbeing to a dwelling.

Shreeni gets you involved along every step of the way from concept presentation to furniture shopping, analyses your positive directions and even takes you to nature to draw those favourite colours, comprehensiveness and abundance.

Dilan De Silva is a self-improvement author (The Blueprint to Take Your Life to the Next Level), Life Strategist and an international Keynote speaker. Dilan has also studied meditation and the Tao philosophy in a monastery in Burma. Dilan is a passionate nature balance enthusiast.

Here's how we do our re-design to realign interior design projects,

Step 1 : We analyse your personal details like your date of birth and evaluate the current alignment of your dwelling whether it is a place you live in or a place that you will be going to live in. We also analyse the space and what it current represents.

Step 2 : We get your inputs and get you to draw your spirituality, the colours and the combinations fro nature.  ( We get you out to nature and do a guided meditation )

Step 3 : We get your inputs of your preferential colours, style, concept, lifestyle, habits and choices

Step 4 : We draw up plan and present it to you

Step 5 : We work with you on buying, choosing, shopping, etc.

Step 6 : We dress it up for you.

We serve clients around the globe on this unique concept.

Enquire for a quote or meet Shreeni at the shop. ( The Landing, Wigram, Christchurch)

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