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Do you agree that a beautiful home will always make your life beautiful and heavenly?

How would you describe home

H stands for HEAVEN | O stands for On | M Stands for MY | E stands for EARTH

It stands for HEAVEN ON MY EARTH. At D-Sign this how we describe a home. Your choice of furniture, colours, shapes, patterns, lighting and the right balance of all these elements can make it either HEAVEN or HELL Shreeni has been running a very successful interior design and home staging company in three cities across two countries for the past years. Our company is a leader in interior design based home staging. We have also been unofficially working on commercial and home interior design projects in the last couple of years.

I am delighted to launch our “TOUCHED BY D-SIGN” INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE for homes ,hotels and hospitality spaces.

I have been working with a variety of homes for many years. When I walk into a home, I feel like the home is talking to me, It is spooky I know but I have this weird connection with a home where I understand the different elements and vibes. All I do is connect the dots by using colours, concepts and pieces and make it unique and outstanding. Make it like heaven for your individual self.

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Practical and 'wow' factor interior design for hotels, restaurants, and motel. Inspiring Shreeni J's designing capabilities are styled is matched with experienced hotel general manager Dilan De Silva. Dilan has managed hotels in about 10 countries around the world. Shreeni has designed hospitality spaces in more than 12 countries. This is the perfect combination of skills and talent for your hospitality project

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Re-Design to Re-Align


Shreeni is the founder of Re-design to Re-align concept. We are natures beings and our dwellings serve the same purpose as other natures beings. With development and advanced engineering, we have at times become disengaged with our natural sources and natural elements. The dwellings of other earthly creatures remain the same. This disengagement and the lack of alignment to nature and its elements causes stress, relationship issues, health issues, wealth issues and it negatively affects the overall wellbeing of the home occupiers.

Shreeni J De Silva and Dilan De Silva works on drawing the elements of nature by re-designing, re-arranging and re-vitalising your spaces while maintaining trend, style and the feeling of homeliness. The duo works on the home spaces and supports the home dwellers with their mindset spaces. Shreeni's interior design definitely gives you the wow factor. Dilan's lessons and inspiration on wellbeing gets you focused on a different perspective. Shreeni and Dilan stays highly engaged with the home occupiers in the design and realignment process as it the occupiers who will live in the space and be impacted by the space. The duo re-aligns your house to its magnetic, natural and spiritual elements to bring in that positive energy. A house becomes a home based on what and who is in it. Alignment beings in the overall wellbeing to a dwelling.

Shreeni gets you involved along every step of the way from concept presentation to furniture shopping, analyses your positive directions and even takes you to nature to draw those favourite colours, comprehensiveness and abundance.

Dilan De Silva is a self-improvement author (The Blueprint to Take Your Life to the Next Level), Life Strategist and an international Keynote speaker. Dilan has also studied meditation and the Tao philosophy in a monastery in Burma. Dilan is a passionate nature lover.

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