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Touched by D-Sign - Interior Design Service


Interior D-Sign - Residential

Re-Design to Re-Align with D-Sign – interior styling of your home.
Or you could call it editing your existing spaces; we could re-set your existing spaces for sale or to Live.

Shopping with D-sign – We can assist you to find just the things you
need for that space.

Colours in my world with D-sign – we could help you to find the colour palette to
best suite home and you.

Interior design consultation
if you only need some expert ideas from us and give you some confidence, and you
would like to manage the project on your own or would like to get on with a DIY project,
don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us.
We will walk through the property and sit down with you to discuss and help you the
achieve the most suitable finishes and colours for your project.
Book an appointment (30 min.$139.00/ 01 hour . 199.00)

Online consultation
You could also book an appointment to get us to help you to start your project. Doesn’t
matter where you live in the world, We love to jump on line and help you to create your
world. you only need to get ready with some clear photos or videos of the spaces and
the list of questions ready.
Book and appointment to receive your instruction guide and schedule a meeting.
Book an appointment (us $59.00 for 30 mints/ us $139. 00 for 1 hour)

Interior Design - Commercial, Tourism and Hospitality

Interior Design and styling for commercial properties
We work with you to plan and Design your commercial space from the scratch or it could be a
revamping of an existing space, we could work with you to get it right. Please give us a call
to discuss your options to find out how we could help you.
We are also specialized in hotel/motel and restaurant interiors.

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