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With expertise in residential (new and existing homes), commercial, and hospitality projects, D-Sign Interiors was established in 2013 and since then become prominent expert in the interior d-sign industry. We started as an interior design company, then moved to home staging and now expanded into retail, homeware and furniture design.

We are one of the very few furniture redesign studios in New Zealand. We believe that if we save a piece of furniture by redesigning it to meet the current fashion and trend, we will save a tree. With this we sell both new and redesigned piece of furniture at our store. We even custom design your old and valuable piece of furniture so that it fits your home and fits in with the times.

We also teach you the skills and provide the tools such as chalk paint so that you can be a furniture painter at home

We are now expanding into hotel and hospitality interior design. We still continue to work with many clients for residential interior design and styling projects.

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