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Summer / Autumn 2020 Promotion - 6 weeks of styling for the price of 4 weeks 

10% discount on other services - Furniture Truck, Painting Lessons, Store and Interior Design

Home Staging & Styling Package 

Is it an empty house?

Most home buyers 'judge the book by the cover'. Most buyers can't visualise the homeliness in an empty home and see where their furniture pieces will fit in. The quality of your listing  photographs will interest more people in physically viewing your property. Home styling  improves your home's presentation to achieve a premium sale price. The complete styling package Include: arrangements, rugs, floor lamps, accessories, console tables, flowers , decor pieces, dining table and chairs, beds, luxury bed linen, side cabinets, lamps shades, throw-ins etc, transport, fire and theft insurance, staging, presentation and removal.

Does the house have some furniture but still need the finer things to give it the look?

You may have the furniture but you may still miss out on the finer things and the professional styling touch. The house you live in is not sale-ready until you re-present it with the buyer in mind. We can partially stage, style and improve your home's presentation for sale by using your existing furniture while adding some of our soft furnishings, throw-ins & décor pieces. We can partly style both occupied and unoccupied homes.

Enquire for a price.

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The Wow Option

This is the grand show for your home for sale. This package includes all what is offered in the
comprehensive styling option plus:

1. Paintings or wall decor items
2. Bed heads
3. An outdoor styling set
4. Longer duration


The Popular Option

This package covers comprehensive interior design based styling.

1. Good quality furniture which covers all areas of the house
2. A Comprehensive display of accessories and decor pieces
3. Lampshades, rugs, throws, many cushions, elegant bedding, etc


The Budget Option

This is where we will set up your home with the basic furniture settings. We will use
less accessories and decor pieces and it is ideal for;
1. Low budget owners
2. Smaller and budget homes
3. Basic entry-level homes
4. Low priced homes


The DIY Option

We hire the necessary furniture for you do to do your own staging and styling. We have packages to suit each house. In addition, we hire our furniture truck so that you can transport your goods and return them after use.

Wall Art Package

We hire wall art and paintings with our home staging packages. Have you ever seen a home without something hung on the wall? The wall art package completes the styling. Package prices start from as little as $100.00 + gst

Interior Design & Design Consultation

You may need professional advice and consultation on designing or re-designing the home you live in, the home you are selling or the home you are building, renovating or buying.  Our interior designers can help you design the home of your dreams from the walls, decorations, curtains, materials to buying advice.

Interior Design & Home Staging Consultation

D-Signs Clients and Agents, we hire our furniture truck during the weekends or public holidays. We can hire the van for furniture hire packages during the weekdays.  Its a Ford Transit Jumbo with 11 cubic meters of luggage compartment space and it is similar to a standard box truck that you can drive with a regular car driver's license. We hire the van as a self-drive option only. t & c's apply. (furniture blankets and ties are provided with the hire) A Day hire usual price $125.00 + cost of diesel. D-Sign Clients receive 10%
The package is for an 80km limit and extra km are charged at  0.40 per extra km)

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home staging and styling image
home staging and styling image
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