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When Shreeni J entered the interior design market, she came our with a design which is rather different. When people saw the end products be it her retail spaces, home staging projects and interior design projects, people expressed a sense of emotion and were bewildered on what has been created. Her clients use to use world like, ''Oh I wish I could live here again'', " I just cant believe it and I dont know what to say", " It is me, it is my life", etc, and some say " I dont have worlds to say anything, It is just tears."

None of her team team members or herself knew what her concept or mantra is. She just kept on doing something so comprehensive, complete, and emotional. From the age of about 8 years, Shreeni is noted to have walked in the woods picking up leaves, twigs and seeds, brining them home and making various decorations from them. This went on for a few years and one of her jobs as a florists at an early stages of her career was to make wild and natural flower arrangements for a luxury hotel. She then ran a shop making fancy chains and her materials were gathered from the woods. Her family members nick names her as a tree hugger, wood pecker and junk picker.

We then found it with Dilan De Silva's observations. Dilan ( Shreenis husband) is a natural nature lover. He is a self-improvement author and a motivational speaker. Shreeni takes long walks in the forest and takes photograph. ( Some of those images and highlighted in this page). I was going through some of the images she has captured of nature. They were quite unusual says Dilan. Then I looked at some of the images of the designs she has created and put those images together with some spaces we had created. With this discovery, we found her drive and inspiration.

This life long and mysterious design concept of Shreeni was then named as, 'RE-DESIGN TO RE-ALIGN'