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Meet the Founder and Lead Stylist of D-Sign Interiors… Shreeni J.

The d-sign and staging entrepreneur launched D-Sign Interiors NZ Limited in Christchurch in 2013.

It all began in her home town; Sri Lanka, where Shreeni completed studies in hospitality management and interior d-sign at university. She spent the next couple of years building her career in senior management positions within the hospitality sector. From there she became a lecturer / educator through the university, where she inspired others to learn.

Shreeni and her husband; Dilan were offered an opportunity within Burma that combined their skills to work on a project for a United Nations funded project, setting up a hotel institute. Shreeni’s interior d-sign and artistic flare was shortly recognised locally, and her expertise were soon in high demand by friends and the hotel industry.

Shreeni loved to challenge herself, and decided to explore a more creative field to what her background offered. This is where Shreeni opened a jewellery store selling handcrafted unique pieces and beautiful items d-signed and created by herself.

Another move arrived on the cards for Shreeni and her husband, where they relocated to Doha, Qatar. While her husband was busy within his new role managing a housing complex, Shreeni continued to apply her interior d-sign skills through many local projects.

Shreeni and Dilan returned home to start their family, where she gave birth to their son. It wasn’t long before a new business opportunity had them travelling to Vietnam, where Shreeni took the time to enjoy motherhood. Ready to settle as a family, it became clear that New Zealand was the perfect place to call home. They landed in Methven, a small country town in Canterbury, where her husband managed the local resort; Terrace Downs.

By combining her hospitality management and d-sign expertise with her unique style, Shreeni began styling local hotels to satisfy her passion. She would arrange flowers, displays, coordinate styling for events and more. Realising her love for d-sign and furniture, Shreeni began to upcycle furniture pieces from home in her spare time, alongside renovating their family home.

Wanting to live closer to the city, Shreeni and her family decided to move to Christchurch.

While their house was on the market in Methven, their real estate agent was amazed with the styling of their home and ask who had styled the house. Deciding to rent while their house was on the market, Shreeni had another encounter with an agent admiring her styling abilities, with the addition of asking where she had purchased her furniture from. She was so impressed with the beautiful styling that she wanted to place the first order with D-Sign Interiors.

With word of mouth soon reaching more and more agents, Shreeni was styling many homes in no time, initially using items from her own home to keep up with the demand.

D-Sign Interiors launched in 2013 and has grown substantially. D-Sign Interiors has become a brand which today best represents luxury interiors, and unique d-sign and styling.

Shreeni, having had the opportunity to work alongside many high-profile resorts, hotels, and other luxury accommodation around the world has had the joy of being exposed to world-class interior d-sign and styling. This has always inspired her d-sign, and ignited her passion to create homes to look and feel just as elegant, grand and comfortable.

Shreeni believes in nurturing a close client relationship while understanding their needs and wants thoroughly. With her solid sense of creativity, vibrant personality and an enthusiasm for her art, she has helped countless delighted clients achieve their dream space, sell their homes and execute quality interior projects.

Her local recognition is expanding, and she D-Sign is expanding in Australasia.