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"He who bought a recycled piece of furniture, save the plant"

This is our big belief and hens the reason for us to build a business model around redesigned furniture amongst the other interior projects we do. For each salvaged and redesign piece we sell, we save a $1.00 one to plant a tree.

Visit our shop and you will be surprised with the character and trend that can be brought in with such redesigned pieces. Using chalk paints, moulds techniques and skills, we make those furniture and home decor pieces ' timeless'

We even teach people and sell them the necessary tools and accessories so that they can save that beautiful piece of Oak furniture that they inherited from Grandma. Redesign such pieces will save a tree, leave grandmas legacy and blend with your trendy home.

"I feel that this is my way of doing my share to save the planet"- Shreeni J

Our Policy on Saving the Planet and Sustainability

Our aim is to beautify the world and to positively inspire people lives.

To deliver on this, we will achieve ambitious business goals while sharing the overwhelming benefits with local and global communities, contributing to restoring, protecting and enhancing people, environment and the world we live in.

Runs sustainable businesses focused on long-term financial performance and invest capital to grow, and/or improve quality and productivity.

Undertake customer satisfaction monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Use this information to improve or upgrade their offering to enhance customer experience.

Be consciously aware and respectful or local cultural and behavioural expectations and actively engage with the communities in which they operate.

Pay a fair wage, provide fair benefits to all team members and are supportive of their personal and professional development endeavours.

Actively engage with their stakeholders and contribute to restoring, protecting and enhancing natural environment.

Actively engage with developing and inspiring human beings through supporting education, awareness, career guidance and self-motivation skills.

Use common sense, do the simple things right and be concerned and ethical in our business conduct

We believe in Karma

Current Practices

  • Use at least 10%recycled piece of furniture in every project.
  • Donate $1.00 to play a tree form every upcycle furniture sale.
  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, glass and other materials.
  • We try and not use plastic for wrapping gifts and purchases
  • Use cleaning products and consumables which are 100% bio degradable and environmentally compatible.
  • Where possible we source our supplies from local producers and go to extra efforts of finding products sourced from fair labour.
  • We monitor the details of material used to produce our products and ensure that they are sustainable
  • If an old furniture piece can be saved, we go all the way to save it.
  • Use low energy sustainable LED lighting integrated to sensors and timers to reduce energy consumption in all our work areas.
  • Constantly reduce the use of plastic for wrapping when transporting goods and reuse paper and used cardboard, when possible.
  • Provide carrier guidance sessions, sponsor self-motivational, and personnel development workshops.
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